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Prototype and Pre-series Automotive Development

Germania Automotive is geared up for supporting your activities in conceptualizing and developing an automotive prototype. With a tool chain aimed at full traceability and documentation while maintaining flexible processes, we can give your efforts to get to preseries readiness a boost without compromising safety. From ideation phase through development in accordance to applicable legislation to actually getting your vehicle certified for road use, Germania Automotive offers assistance in every project stage.

Integration of Drive-by-Wire and Autonomous Systems

As a specialist in self driving technology, Germania Automotive not only offers a self driving vehicle kit but all pertaining services to integrate such a system on any given vehicle. At the core of autonomous driving is an electronically controlled steering and braking system, which may be integrated into any vehicle without changing its road legality status. Added functional safety software between the basic vehicle functions (braking, steering, accelerating) and the automated driver layer guarantee a safe operation while keeping the interface open for different types of autonomous systems.

Consulting for Automotive Functional Safety Development

With its expertise in automotive functional safety, Germania Automotive may assist with activities in the field of automotive functional safety. Be it the creation, support or review of failure mode and effect analyses, hazard and risk analyses or functional safety concepts, we not only apply our knowledge during development of the Fahrlattform®, but also support your proper development efforts.


Electric/Electronic System Architecture Development

Germania Automotive provides engineering services and consulting regarding EE-Architecture of electric vehicles. New vehicle concepts or electrification of existing vehicles require fine tuned composition of components. From low voltage auxiliary circuits to powerful high voltage powertrain systems, Germania Automotive has qualified and trained personnel to accomplish the mission. With the complete toolchain from gathering desired customer features to designing a tailored, state of the art architecture in hand, all pre-conditions for homologation can be fulfilled.

Consulting for Project Management and Concepts

We support your own project in the field of automated driving by technology consultancy as well as project management. Germania Automotive has successfully run several demonstrations and supervised projects in connection with self driving vehicles and therefore has a realistic and competent overview over the industry’s current state. Technology lined information workshops, location scouting, use case definition and derived operational concepts taking into account all local characteristics are among the services we offer in this field, guaranteeing a safe and promotionally effective operation of your vehicle.

Automotive Software Development

Software is getting more and more important for the automotive domain. Germania Automotive uses a ISO 26262 aligned process to develop automotive software including safety relevant software up to ASIL D. Depending on customer requirements we can cover the whole safety life cycle for software development. A fully integrated SIL environment allows us to test und qualify the software in an easy and efficient way already in development phase. This includes C/C++ Software for ADAS, vehicle, chassis control functions but also KIBES 32 / KIBES5 Software for BCUs.

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